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Our Origin

After the Romans left in AD 410 (to defend their own lands from invasion), the area would probably have been invaded by the Anglo-Saxons from Northumbria in the seventh century and then by the Danes (Vikings) in the ninth.


Shortly after the Norman conquest of England, in the period 1069-1070, William the Conqueror (William I of England) led a ruthless military campaign in the area against Earl Edwin, the Saxon Earl of Mercia, who ruled England north of the River Mersey. He subsequently gave his kinsman, Roger de Poictou, all of the land between the River Mersey and the River Ribble. 


In 1194, the area (or part of it) is said to have been known as Wermeston, from old English or old Scandinavian meaning "farmstead or habitation belonging to a man called Wyrm".

Part of the land, was given to Albert de Greslet who in turn, towards the end of the 12th century, bestowed as much land as a team of oxen could plough in one year upon Orme Fitz Seward, the son of Edward Aylward, upon his marriage to his daughter Emma. The area became known as Orme's Tun (dwelling or settlement) or Orme Easton (river settlement), changing over the years into Ormestun, Ormeston, Urmyston and finally Urmston.


Our Kitchen

We are an independent restaurant, offering an affordable tasting menu, focused on seasonality, with a relaxed fine dining atmosphere.


 Tom Wilson and Jack Fields, co-owners and chefs, are designing their menus to be as sustainable as possible.

"We will preserve, ferment and pick our own vegetables, source sustainable seafood that isn’t overfished, and prepare whole cuts of meat for use throughout the menu, in a bid to reduce food waste".

Our Dining Room

Rachel Roberts will be focused on creating the perfect atmosphere for our guests and is also responsible for curating the drinks flight to accompany each course, championing Manchester brewers and distillers and offering a British drinks flight featuring a selection of English wines. 


Co-Founder Rachel adds “It’s important to us that we partner with suppliers who share our ethos and do their bit to decarbonise and improve industry sustainability.”

We are proudly intimate, with our casual setting, we hope to strip back the formality of Fine Dining, “above all, we want you to feel like you’re coming to ours for tea.”

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